The Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin is Germany's first private architecture gallery, internationally active in the communication of architectural culture, urban form and thematically related content.

In our university interdisciplinary semester project we were tasked to form a new visual idenity of Aedes. During this project we collaborated with interior design and architecture students.The most important obstacle for the graphic designers was to find a cohesive design for the Aedes website. The decision was made to have one main website with a filter option between the Forum, Lab, and Hub. This made the website much easier to navigate and still function as one location for information. The website follows the same principle as the posters, where Forum is white with black text, and Lab and Hub are black with white text.

The concept of negative space is carried over into the logo in the form of a cut-out rectangular form. The rectangular form serves as a nod to space and structure, and the composition of the logo makes it ideal for corner placement on print materials and digital interfaces.

Art Direction, Visual Identity, UI/UX Design