I’m a visual identity and brand designer with a strong liking for visual communication. My journey began in Berlin, where I completed a bachelor's degree in graphic design & visual communication. From the outset, I found myself drawn to collaborations and freelance work. Growing up in Berlin is what inspired me to work in the creative field.

My specialization lies in concept development, breathing life into ideas across various platforms – from business cards and posters to social media and websites. Beyond this, I find delight in crafting illustrations, shaping editorial designs, and capturing nature and architecture through the lens of photography. I love getting to know creative people, build a good team, and try to bring visions to life.

Visual Identity Design, Branding, Editorial Design, Package Design, Illustration, Design Strategy, UI/UX Design (UX Concept, Wireframing, User flows, Prototyping), Photography, Video Editing

Design Philosophy

Graphic design is like jazz  music to me, once you’re in the flow, you
communicate a language to people.